House Groups

At Oasis we don’t just meet for worship, prayer and Bible study on a Sunday. Throughout the week we offer House Groups for small group study. Our House Groups meet in homes of believers from Oasis and the intimate setting of such small groups in comfortable surroundings can be helpful in allowing people to ask questions they might otherwise find dfifficult to ask on a Sunday. The relaxed setting of our House Groups also means that people can ask for prayer about anything- absolutely anything- be that problems or personal difficulties being faced, or, of course, for personal reasons for thankfulness. Tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits always ensure that the night is fully appreciated!

Why not give a House Group a try- most who do return on a regular basis. You will be made very welcome.

House Groups take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening. For more information contact us.

We also offer The Way of the Spirit, a further opportunity to discover more about God and the way He speaks to us in a busy world. The Way of the Spirit takes place at Oasis on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. All are very welcome! For more information contact us.