Beyond ourselves…

The Oasis Church in Wallasey is a part of the Elim Pentecostal group of Churches. We began fellowship at our current site in November 1995 and we have now secured our place in a busy local community. Throughout our busy year we hold regular services that are designed to encourage members of our local community to join with us for fellowship and friendship. In addition to the more expected church services (such as taditional carols at Christmas and a Good Friday and Easter Sunday Service) we also hold shorter services to encourage members of our local community to join us.

Locally, we seek to bring blessing and service to the people who live near our church. Further afield, we support the work of local charities such as the Thompson’s Mission and we also support a Christian couple who are serving the Lord in Africa (click on the Gordon & Sybil McKillop link to read more). 

We believe that God has a plan for every life and it is no ‘coincidence’ or ‘accident’ that you find yourself reading our website today. Why not give God a chance to show you that He has a plan and purpose for your life. You will never regret making such a choice! See you soon!